What We Offer Our Volunteering Team

Psychology and well-being volunteers seeking a position mentoring should be working towards a psychology and well-being qualification and will be offered personal development training to develop their skills, knowledge, and psychology experience.

Some volunteering positions don’t require formal training as we offer training. Moreover, we feel it is more important that our team members should have a caring, outgoing nature and a genuine desire to help people and learn.

We welcome applicants over 18 years of age irrespective of race gender, or sexual orientation mental health knows no boundaries.

Once we receive your application form, we will contact you to come in and meet with us for an informal interview.

Training is undertaken at our office in Cardiff Bay beginning January 2021 in-line with social distancing and government recommendations.

Please be aware that if you are a student who would like to become a mentor. We may be looking for a twelve to eighteen-month commitment, for two reasons firstly to complete the mentor training. Secondly, it can be frustrating and emotional for clients when a mentor moves on once they have formed a trusting relationship; This will be discussed thoroughly during the interview.

Volunteering roles can lead to volunteers wishing to pursue a new career full or part-time in Stress Management and Well-being as an Independent Stress Management Practitioner. This opportunity will also be discussed during the interview, and the way dignity street may be able to help you pursue a new career.

For further information, please Contact Us