All soundtracks can be downloaded to a computer tablet mobile phone or other suitable device.

Please do not listen to these recordings whilst driving or operating machinery.  

1. Supercharger – 15 Minutes 

Using a powerful combination of special audio sound effects, this audio enables you to become extremely relaxed, your mind driven inwards to feed a steady flow of mental energy. The affect has been described as like enjoying a 2-week holiday in 15 minutes.

The soundtrack on the supercharger uses a powerful technique called ‘dual voice induction’ to talk to the conscious and subconscious mind at the same time, so please use stereo headphones or ear buds to get the full effect.

  • Supercharger – 15 minutes

2. Sleep Relaxation – 60 minutes

Whether it’s the coronavirus or a sudden deluge of smaller disasters, or the slow drip drip drip of steadily accumulating worries and anxiety getting you down, there are times when you feel that you just can’t cope any more download our relaxation MP3 and give yourself the break you deserve.

  • Sleep Relaxation – 60 minutes