The history of Triangle Foundation is indelibly linked to our founders’ lifetime’s experience in working with people with mental health issues.

David Briscombe, Dr Beverley Steffert PhD and Dr Tony Steffert PhD have been leading figures in their respective areas of mental health for 20 years and first began their professional association in the late 1990s.

After many years working in private practice, helping individuals and corporate organisations in the field of stress management including employee assistance programs (EAP), David Briscombe decided to create a charity which would help everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

David started the building blocks of the new entity in 2016 with the support of members of the business community in Cardiff and Swansea, and with advisory input from associates including Dr Beverley Steffert PhD and Dr Tony Steffert PhD. Triangle Mental Health Foundation was granted the status of a Registered Charity in 2018.

The name Triangle Foundation, tells its own story, the aim in its creation to empower people who have become isolated from society through unemployment and many social issues, to regain self-worth and mental well-being by following a new path, with the support of the charity.

Today, Triangle Foundation continues to provide subsidised free mental health support, to individuals, corporations, charities and everyone in need, and is always keen to work with public and private sector organisations to fund and support its work.

We created Triangle Mental Health Foundation because everyone deserves access to mental health support’

David Briscombe, Chair and Co-Founder, Triangle Mental Health Foundation

‘For every weakness there is a strength – we just have to find it’

Dr Beverley Steffert PhD, Triangle Foundation

‘It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed’

Napoleon Hill