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 Free Audio Downloads – Please share

The coronavirus crisis is placing increased mental health pressure on everyone. Which is why Triangle Mental Health Foundation is playing our part by making our stress-relieving audio downloads by our founder David Briscombe free to everyone, and we have also disabled the need to register, making downloading immediate.

This resource page will be updated, here you will be able to find more information and support over the coming days and weeks. We are working on a range of support services which we will provide both during the pandemic crisis and when it is over, as the after effects on peoples’ mental will last for weeks, months and even years.

These will include expanded online support and courses for people in our Cardiff HQ when the crisis is over.

Please Share

The Triangle Mental Health Foundation understands that for many in our community especially those who struggle with mental health issues stress and anxiety,  the current coronavirus outbreak is triggering unprecedented stress and anxiety especially with such heightened media attention.

Our freely available resources will help you to cope during this time. Please share these resources with family, friends and with your  Facebook and  Twitter  communities so that we can all help as many people as possible.

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How to Download

Simply click the link on this page to download the audio sessions to your laptop, PC or smart device. Then plug in headphones or earbuds and enjoy the audio tracks which are specially designed to reach down deep into your subconscious and powerfully revitalise your mental well-being.

1. Supercharger – 15 Minutes DOWNLOAD

As the name suggests this audio download is exactly 15 minutes long and will give you some instant quality recharging time should you require it, this download opens the doorway to the subconscious mind to rewire any negative self-beliefs and thinking. Using a powerful combination of special audio sound effects, this audio enables you to become extremely relaxed, your mind driven inwards to feed a steady flow of mental energy. The affect has been described as like enjoying a 2-week holiday in 15 minutes.

2. Sleep Relaxation – 60 minutes DOWNLOAD

Whether it’s the Coronavirus, a sudden deluge of smaller disasters or accumulating worries and anxiety this audio will help you through the power of relaxation. Just lay back and relax and allow yourself to be transported to a wonderfully calm new world of relaxation.

How the Downloads will Help You

What happens to the body when you relax? 

When you relax your body responds in a number of ways, including:

  • Your breathing becomes deeper and slower.  
  • Your heart rate decreases and slows down.  
  • The blood flow to the extremities increases.  
  • Your hormones become more balanced.  
  • Your overall metabolism is slowed down.  

These elements of relaxation are beneficial for both your physical health and your mental well-being, but what’s the best way to experience deep relaxation? 

Relaxation preparation  

Find a comfortable place If possible where you will not will not be disturbed, choose a comfortable position in which to relax if you are sitting in a chair, try and find a comfort position that will support your head, sit with your legs uncrossed and slightly apart and place your hands in your lap or the arms of the chair. If you are lying down keep your legs uncrossed and allow your arms to rest either side of your body. 

Our downloads will help you from the moment you start to use them and research shows that for maximum benefit they should be listened to at least once a day, on headphones/earbuds, and played for a minimum of 21 days .

Supportive Articles

We also have on the site articles that provide helpful information and expert tips for managing anxiety during this difficult period.  Again, please share these resources with family, friends and with your Facebook and Twitter  communities.

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Medical Advice Disclaimer:  

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