Virtual Reality Therapy

We are proud to be the first charity in Wales to specialise in Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT).

Triangle Foundation supports individuals with specific phobias, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and post-traumatic stress disorder to name a few.

VRT enables us to recreate real-world situations to be brought inside the therapy room. During sessions, clients will experience the same emotions and feelings they would in a real-world situation whilst in a supportive environment with a mental health professional.

The NHS approved VRT for use in 2006 and it is now used in many NHS hospitals. Virtual reality treatment is offered to NHS patients in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and many more locations.

What Happens in a Session?

We offer a service to individuals over the age of 16 where VRT would be more appropriate than talking therapies. This service is designed for individuals who are willing to engage with a structured programme of psychological therapy incorporating VRT as part of the ongoing treatment process. All sessions will be conducted with a trained mental health professional with expertise in psychological and well-being therapy.

Each session will be broken down into 30 – 45-minute sessions psychological VRT. Within the Virtual reality simulation, clients place goggles over their heads and the visor has built-in speakers. Sensors are sometimes attached to their fingertips to monitor their physical response to stress. This will be used to evaluate the intensity of a stress response and ensures the clients’ reaction to the phobia is decreasing throughout the treatment.